When it comes to toners I'm a big floozie, I find it hard to stay loyal to a brand and to see the effect it actually has on my skin. I have tried spot fighting ones, awakening spritzers and exfoliating toners, all with little luck. So on a recent drugstore when I saw this velvety soft toner, I decided I had nothing to loose for less than a fiver.

L'Oreal skincare is pretty good for the price offering and this is no exception. I use this morning and night after cleansing and the seriously silky soft liquid smooths over the face with ease. I've been trying to fight my spots lately so my cleansers have been a little more drying than when I use my usual balm cleansers so this adds the perfect amount of hydration without making my face uncomfortable or greasy.

Although I've seen no amazing effects from using this, my skinless feel tighter and pores look reduced after each use.

What is your favourite drugstore skincare brand?