When we are broke we all avoid doing anything with our friends, partners and become little hermits watching TV and eating pot noodles... I know you do! But, here are my suggestions of things to do with friends, family and partners that cost less than £20 !! 

1) COFFEE SHOP - Grabbing a coffee is my favourite thing to do in Winter, sitting in a cosy coffee shop with a hot chocolate, latte or cup of tea doesn't cost the earth and gives you and a friend the chance to catch up and update your instagram. 
2) SEASIDE WALKS - ok, it is cold but grab your parker and a pair of fluffy socks and a brisk walk along the sea front will clear your mind and cost nothing. You can even grab a portion of chips while your there. Whether you're alone or with friends this is a fun thing to do. 
3)VISIT A FARM - There is something about farms, that are so much fun - even if they do stink. It brings out the child in you and most entry fee's are less than £20! 
4) PICK YOUR OWN - This is more of a summer activity but there is little I love more than picking fruit and veggies. Some PYO farms will allow you to pick winter veggies to. There is something satisfying about eating a veggie you picked - it might even make you eat healthier! 
5) VISIT YOUR LOCAL FOOD MARKET - I can aimlessly walk around a food market for hours. A great place to try samples of local foods and grab a cheap lunch they're a great alternative to a pub lunch with the girls. 
6) GO BOWLING - This is one of my favourite things to do, with family, friends and my boyfriend you can get competitive, keep warm and have so much fun and pay less than £20 for a game and a drink! 

Another thing I love to do when money is tight is have a girly night in. So whether you decide to buy all the treats or split it between you, you can still veg out without spending a fortune. Instead of ordering your favourite pizza take out try picking up a huge pizza from the supermarket like this Pulled Pork one from Asda. 

^ All food from Asda -- DVD from B&M Bargains

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