It is somewhat a tradition for me now, to get a hair cut in January and go for something totally different than before. A year ago I opted for the full fringe and the year before I went back to the dark side of Brunette hair. But, this year after three year of growing out a pixie crop I went short again. 

Now, when I told many of my friends I had gone back short, I had a few worried texts that I was back to the pixie crop length. But, I opted for a more sophisticated grown up look for this year that can be styled in numerous ways. 

So, as you can see from my photos I went for a LOB (Long-bob). The front of the hair is roughly at my collar bone and the back is quite a bit shorter. I had clearly fallen out of love with my longer hair, it was forever in a top knot and I hadn't seen my hair styling products in months. Now, unable to shove my hair up without the aid of 1 million grips I have no choice but to style my hair and I love it - even if I do have to set my alarm marginally earlier. 

If you have been thinking of going for a shorter look, I say go for it. The mid-length hair and long bob is really stylish right now and I feel that it frames my face in a far more elegant way. 


I'd like to take a moment to thank my hair stylist I saw Alex from Doo Daas in Canterbury and he was understanding, friendly and creative enough to have an opinion which is exactly what I love in a hairdresser. 

Words, Photos and edits: Melody Small

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