The best volumising spray on a budget

We all long for big bouncy hair, the sort that lifts from the root and bounces elegantly without going flat as we walk. We all see it on TV, but very rarely can us mere mortals achieve it, or maintain it. Over the last year we have seen texturising/voumising sprays become a pretty big deal thanks to every blogger and her dog raving about the Oribe Dry Texturising spray. And although I have found a few budget ones I liked (see here for L'Oreal review) there was none quite like the Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Life Spray. 

Let me start by telling you I am yet to find something in Dove's haircare range I dislike, for a budget brand their products are comparable to their higher end counter parts. But since cutting my hair short again this has become a staple. Fine hair can often be weighted down by products that claim volumise, style or add shine to them, but this 'oxygen' spray adds an extremely lightweight yet effective root boost to damp hair. Like, seriously you can't even feel it is in there - no crispy feeling, no dampness and no sticky residue. But, just because you can't feel it, that doesn't mean it is not working. After blowdrying and a little shake señora of the hair it is transformed into a natural light and bouncy style with a little more body.

I find the packaging to be very robust (even when travelled) and the strange nozzle allows for precision of application at the roots. This smells absolutely delightful and has transformed my haircare routine. If you're looking for volume without the product clogged hair feeling then I really recommend this purse friendly bottle.


What is your favourite product for adding volume to your locks?