#TUESDAY CHATS || How to have a happier year

Let's face it we all want to be happy, and even if 2014 was a great year for you we could probably all be a little happier. No matter what your resolution was for this year, the end result of that was one that was probably to improve your happiness. So, here are 5 simple things you can do to improve your happiness in 2015... 

Yes we can all take pictures, edit them and share them with our friends online, we can also write 140 character messages about what we are doing and then revisit them using apps like Time Hop. But, there is nothing quite a physical photo or a diary to look back on. That is why this year I have vowed to start writing a journal and collecting photographs as I want these memories to come with me through my life not just as long as I have a social media account. 
Image by Melody Small - Printing photos


We all have that friend that drains the life out of us, busy telling us about their trivial problems and disappears when you have yours. The friends that revel in your sadness or are only there during your success. If you gain nothing from being with them, be it fun, happiness, contentment or just someone to trust then it is probably time to get some space from them and spend time with those who make you happy. 
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I am a firm believer of working your butt off to achieve your dreams, like working until your blue in the face, hard... But I am a the worst person of forgetting to have fun while I am at it. Although I love writing and editing I can often forget how great it is to go out on the town with friends, or just have a girly sleepover etc. Just taking a day for yourself and doing stuff you love takes no time at all and will probably improve your quality of work too. 
Me enjoying a night out with friends - Taken by Rachel Brown

NO, healthy doesn't mean slim or lean, it simply means healthy. If you change one little thing for your health be it: binge drinking every Saturday, your smoking habit or trying to drink more water you will soon start to feel happier in yourself. Whenever I have stuck to healthier lifestyle and eating less sugar, It has lead me to feel happier in myself. 
Image by Melody Small - trying to quit sugar
This is something that I plan to learn in 2015, most of the things you worry about never come true and more often than not result in you turning down amazing offers. So stop thinking about the 'what ifs?' and just try new things. After all worrying won't make you happy, but new experiences will! 

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What tips do you have for being happy? Share them in the comments? 

Words, Photos and edits: Melody Small

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