No they're not new, yes you've seen these before but are they as good as they're made out? YES.

 I have lusted over this rose gold luxury set from Zoeva for so long, seeing some stunning photos of the rose gold handles and perfectly formed brushes they looked pinterest worthy and therefore my dressing table worthy. But, I patiently waited for over a year...thinking about them, using my beloved Real Techniques brushes and telling myself that they wouldn't be worth the hype. 

Well... They are. I own A LOT of make up brushes, more than one face will ever need! But these brushes are simply amazing. The combination of synthetic and natural hairs make for ideal blending with a range of products including: powders, creams and liquid. Each of the 8 brushes is well put together and formed in a way that allows it to apply make up seamlessly onto the face. The collection contains all the basics you'll need for face and eyes and my two favourite brushes have to be the: 110 Face Shape Brush - which is ideal for contouring and adding definition even on the roundest of football heads! and the 227 Soft Definer Brush - The perfect blending brush for any eye look (hello MAC 217 dupe!). The brushes wash and dry well without loosing hairs, softness or shape all for a reasonable price of €65.

Ok, let's discuss the elephant in the room, they look good - oh so good! I mean who can resist a little rose gold eh? They look expensive (I'd say on par with Bobbi Brown) and are as good as their expensive counterparts. The 8 brushes come cased in a faux leather pouch/make up brush, which screams chic and just makes the whole set come together and easy to travel with. 

Have you tried any Zoeva brushes? Which are your favourites?

Words, Photos and edits: Melody Small