Is Soap & Glory Make Up Worth the Hype?

When we think of Soap and Glory most of us think of the inevitable Christmas gift sets or our favourite body lotion, but in the last few years Soap and Glory make up has had quite the hype, but is it worth it? 

Well, in some part yes. I have tried A LOT of the brands beauty bits from bases to eyeshadow palettes to see what I think of their brand just to let you know. 


Soap and Glory have a lot of face products, from highlighting primers to their famous Solar Powder (Bronzer) and I have tried a lot of them. For me their powder products far outweigh their liquid. The mixed colour blushers, high lighters and setting powders are all a dream to apply and compare to only the higher end counterparts. I have a lot of questions asking if Solar Powder is as good as it is made out to be and the answer is ... yes. The two toned bronze is neither to orange or muddy and has the perfect ashy-ness to create a slight contour. Perfect for a range of skintones including pale ones like me.

However having tried their stick blushers and primers I can't say I am as much of a fan. I found the cream blushers to apply a little patchy and the primers to, yes illuminate but do very little for the longevity of my foundation. However, one of my favourite products of S&P is their Kick Ass Concealer as it is comparable to the Laura Mercier counterpart.


Eye products is where Soap And Glory really do Kick Ass. From their beautiful and easy to use Super Cat Liner to their ever so (and rightly) popular Brow Archery Pencil, which is comparable to that of the Anastasia Brow Whiz. Their eyeshadows are a super soft and buttery texture which is difficult to beat at a high street price. As a self-proclaimed eyeliner noob, I can't love the supercar liner enough for helping to create that perfect cat flick in seconds. 


Soap and Glory Lip products are by far not my favourite. The lipstick/gloss market is one that is pretty overcrowded and Soap And Glory just don't top the lists. I do like their gloss stick in nudist to apply over a nice nude lippy but I find the pigmentation of the other shades lacks. Their lacquers and glosses are all far too sticky for my liking and just don't live up to the quality of their other products. 


Yes, Soap and Glory have some terrible packaging, but encased in those cardboard boxes are some hidden gems that just outweigh so many high street favourites. For me all brands have an area that lacks and for Soap And Glory that is their lip products. But overall, I believe that Soap and Glory are totally worth their big hype and I look forward to any new releases they had. 

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