Which Benefit Mascara is Best?

Benefit mascara's always come with a huge launch and even bigger claims. They're Real boasts being "the no.1 selling Mascara product in the UK for the last 2 years", But with a new Benefit mascara about to be launched which one is really best? 


I have always had a love hate relationship with The they're Real mascara, I can use it once and love it and another time find it clumps my lashes together. This mascara is great for giving that false lash effect volume and a deep black colour to the lashes. I always prefer my mascaras to have a plastic want but I do find the ball shape on the end a little bit intimidating and not as useful for those shorter lashes as one would hope. My biggest bug bare with this product is how quickly the product dries up - and not in a good way. 


Benefit claims that The They're Real mascara is the best for adding length, however having tried this out for a while now I can tell you that Roller Lash wins hands down for longer lashes. Roller Lash gives the most beautiful separated long fluttery lashes. Taking it's name from the hair tool it holds a curl incredibly well and can be built up to give a thinker and fuller lash. The packaging is not as sleek as the other mascara but as with most Benefit products it looks fun and girly. 

They're Real Vs. Roller Lash ?

For me, I am much preferring the new launch than everyone's old favourite. The plastic wand lengthens far more than They're real and can be used to create a beautiful subtle fluttery last or built up for extreme length, curl and volume. Unlike when trying to build up they're real which creates a more clumpy spider leg feel. 

Have you tried Benefit's New Mascara? Which is your favourite? 

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